Accountancy Packages available to Traders

Given the long hours and the stress of the trading floor, we understand that you, like the majority of traders, will want an easy accounting solution whichever business structure that you choose.

Accountancy packages available to financial tradersCompliance Services

At the end of each accounting year, our accountants for traders will complete the following for you:

  • The full UK financial accounts from your trading statements and your bank statements together with any other invoices or receipts that you may have
  • The self-assessment tax return(s) for your particular business structure and you personally
  • Calculate any tax liability that may be due on your trading profits from that year.

In addition if you use a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (or a combination of the two in the hybrid business structure discussed elsewhere in these pages), then our accountant trader specialists will also prepare and submit any documentation such as the Annual Returns required on your behalf.

Easy to work with

A4G Solutions - Specialist Accountants for Financial Traders

As accountants dealing with traders in financial markets, we understand that your spare time is precious and most people, whether they are traders or not, do not wish to spend hours on dealing with piles of paperwork, so if you wish for us to undertake a regular quarterly review of your affairs, you need only email a copy of your trading statements and you can even receive a reminder from us to do this if you like!

At the end of your financial year, we will send you a copy of a simple checklist to ensure that you provide us with all of the information that we need to prepare your accounts quickly and efficiently.

Our accountant trader specialists aim to be as pro-active as possible on your affairs, although undoubtedly you will have various questions crop up during the year. Therefore, in all of our quotes we build in both telephone and email support for when queries may occur, so you needn’t be concerned about the proverbial clock ticking when you contact us.

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Added Value Services

However, as accountants for traders, we realise that looking at your trading results retrospectively is not particularly useful, especially when it comes to tax planning ideas, and therefore A4G also offers a range of other bolt-on services to the compliance issues noted above, such as:

  • A review of your trading results 1-2 months prior to your accounting year-end with a meeting with one of our trading specialists to discuss the options available to you with regards to both limiting your exposure to adverse market volatility and also limiting your exposure to the tax charged on your profits.
  • A quarterly review of your trading statements so that you are aware of how much money you should be putting away to pay your tax bill and perhaps more importantly, ways of how you may be able to reduce the tax liability that is accruing on your profits.
  • A regular review of your business structure and the ways in which you are drawing your monies from the business to ensure that you remain tax-efficient at all times. For examples of the tax savings available click below.