Meet our team of specialist Accountants for Financial Traders

Our team of trader specialists are very experienced in dealing with a variety of traders from different trading backgrounds.

Caroline Coleman

Caroline Ward ACA - Partner

What’s your role here at A4G?
I help clients achieve their long-term financial and strategic goals and ultimately reach financial freedom.

What’s your biggest career accomplishment?
I originally thought that my biggest career accomplishment was when I first qualified as an accountant but I realise now that it’s the work that I’m doing on a day to day basis with my clients when I’m helping them overcome challenges and find solutions to problems.

What are your specialisms?
In the 15+ years I have worked at A4G I have worked with a variety of clients, especially working closely with financial traders – which is an area I find very interesting.

What top tip would you share with every business owner?
I can’t stress the importance of delegation, systems, good management accounts and cash flow management.

Who inspires you?
Richard Branson, Michelle Obama, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and my son.

Emma Finlay

Emma White FCA – Partner

How did your journey in accounting start?
I joined A4G in 1999 straight from school keen to develop myself and continue studying, but I couldn’t face the idea of sharing a bathroom at university. After 7 years of hard studying, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2005. In 2009, I was made partner.

What’s your role here at A4G?
At A4G, I am deputy Managing Partner and a Chartered Accountant helping businesses to grow, save tax and maximise their potential.

I am experienced with helping clients from all walks of life including marketing consultants, advertising agencies, financial traders, property investors and many more. I enjoy helping owner managers break the bottlenecks to achieve their next level of growth or tackle the things that are holding them back. My clients can be assured they will no longer fear the numbers, but find out how to use them for their benefit instead.

What are your specialisms?
Growing businesses and growing personal wealth. Making businesses work for the client and their family.

What makes a good accountant?
Every accountant should really care about their clients; available out of hours in an emergency, prepared to fight your corner with HMRC, help advise and counsel in times of pressure and celebrate your successes.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work I enjoy being active; dog walking, jogging and re-living my youth waving glowsticks around to old club music in clubbercise exercise classes. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends and a nice glass of vino.

Chris Newman

Chris Newman BA Hons MSc - Partner

Chris joined us in September 2007 after finishing an Accounting & Management degree at the University of Reading.

He has successfully build up a significant portfolio of clients and has a broad range of knowledge on a wide variety of key issues for owner managed businesses, making sure to understand their needs and wants.

Whilst building up his portfolio as Principal Adviser, he has started becoming largely involved with some of our niche sectors, including financial traders. Here, his knowledge and experience within this industry helps him offer practical advice and peace of mind to owner-managers. In 2021, Chris was made Partner.

In his spare time, Chris loves all kinds of sports. In particular, he enjoys playing cricket for his home team, Rainham, as well as playing football in small local leagues.

Hayley Cramer

Hayley Cramer FCCA BSc (Hons) - Senior Client Manager

Hayley studied at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and has always wanted to pursue a career in accountancy. Hayley joined us in April 2008 and has since worked her way up to become a client manager with over 80 clients of her own.

Her client base is constantly increasing and she offers a high level of attention and service to all of her clients.

Hayley has gained a black belt in karate and competed in the international karate championships two years in a row.

Mitch Ewer

Mitch Ewer - Principal Adviser

What’s your role here at A4G?
My role here is based around compliance, from accountants to tax returns, advising on tax planning to business structure. I work with business owners to help solve their problems, take away the stress and hassle and help them to organise and stay on top of their admin and business.

What are your specialisms?
Helping small businesses rapidly grow

What’s your biggest career accomplishment?
Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant

Tell us a random fact about you
I have taken part in Martial Arts since the age of seven and have two black belts in both Karate and Taekwondo.

Joseph Cutting  - Client Manager

Joseph Cutting ACA - Client Manager & Principal Adviser

Where did your journey in accountancy begin?
I joined A4G straight from 6th form at Gravesend Grammar school after completing my A-levels as part of our school leavers programme. In 2018, I passed my ACA professional qualifications.

What’s your role here at A4G?
My role at A4G incorporates a variety of matters from business process planning and management accounts reporting and business growth to business processes and change management.

In the 10+ years’ experience I have working with various businesses I have gained a great deal of knowledge and taken an interest in all aspects of business, not only finance but also businesses process ecosystem and knowledge of many assistive apps. This means my clients can expect extensive knowledge and advice when delivering financial information and management.

What are your specialisms?
Business process review and advisements on change and application advice for growth.

Tell us a random fact about you
When I was 18 years old, I was given a Ski scholarship. I am also inspired by David Attenborough – I love photography and wildlife, me and my wife even took our honeymoon to Tanzania.

Gemma Crane - Client Manager

Gemma Crane MAAT - Client Manager

What’s your role here at A4G?
As Client Manager, I ensure my clients have peace of mind from knowing their affairs are in order and compliant with tax and company law.

What are your specialisms?
Helping clients get the most from their accounting software by offering advice, support and training on Xero best practices and add-on apps.

Tell us a random fact about you
I have one brown eye and one blue eye

Kyra Ollenbittle - Client Manager

Kyra Ollenbittle - Client Manager

What’s your role here at A4G?
I strive to provide innovative solutions for my clients starting with improving their record keeping to provide a real time snapshot of their business via accounting software, such as Xero, as well as exploring all investment options and drawing structures to minimise my client’s tax liabilities.

What are your specialisms?
Personal and Capital Taxes and Xero

Tell us a random fact about you
I’m a huge football fan, having played competitively since the age of 5.

Who inspires you?
My Mum and my Sister – They are both strong, successful and hard working women and mothers (…And I turned out alright didn’t I?)

Louisa Butlin - Client Manager

Louisa Butlin MAAT - Client Manager

What’s your role here at A4G?
I joined A4G in 2016 as part of our school leaver programme after leaving Gravesend Grammar School for Girls.

My role at A4G mainly consists of advising small businesses and start-up businesses and record keeping using software and various add ons.

I was promoted to Client Manager within three years of joining the A4G team due to rapid growth of my client base. My knowledge of cloud software has helped many clients particularly since the importance of MTD, it also provides me with the ability to work with a range of clients. I would love to share with as many business owners as possible, to not be afraid of change – embrace technology!

What are your specialisms?
Cashflow advisory and setting up businesses to be more efficient via automation.

Tell us a random fact about you
I’d love to learn to figure skate (if I could even stand up straight on the ice!)