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Getting the company structure right to ensure wealth passes onto future generations

One of our clients has recently come to the UK from India and he's working in the IT sector as an employee. During his time in India, the client and his wife have built a sizeable pot of wealth... Read more...

Purchasing assets using crypto currency gains

We have had a number of clients come to us with issues after trying to purchase assets using cryptocurrency gains. The problems that our clients have encountered include... Read more...

Invest your money using the right investment vehicle

Imagine yourself at retirement age. You’re preparing to take that round-the-world trip to see those countries you always said you’d see. The kids are set up, the Grandkids are doing well. You can almost taste the gelato… Read more...

Thinking about investing in Cryptocurrencies?

With stories spreading of sizeable gains being made relatively easily on short-term investments, it’s not surprising we’re seeing far more queries come in about this kind of investment option, and how profits made will be taxed. Read more...

A simple tax tip for investments

Have you ever considered whether you are the best person to hold on to all of your investments within your household?

Did you know that by transferring some of these investments (particularly the income producing assets) to your spouse of another family member, you may be able to make instant tax savings?

Find out more by reading our A simple tax tip for investments article 

Investments which can bring 30% tax relief

If you are a higher or additional rate tax payer, have you considered making investments that could provide you with tax relief of 30% on the amount invested?

By using the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Venture Capital Trust (VCT) investments, you may claim this tax relief in the year of investment, receive tax free proceeds in the event of selling these shares and in the case of VCT investments, receive tax-free income during the time you hold the shares.

To find out more read our Investments with up front tax relief article

Planning your Family’s Wealth

Writing a will is often one of those things that everyone says they will get around to doing, but often never becomes a top priority.

However, keeping an up to date will could be incredibly valuable to your surviving family. When it is drawn up properly, it will not only ensure that your family will receive the assets that you wish for them to receive, but can also help to minimise any Inheritance Tax that the government may try to claw from your estate. Read more..

Investing for your Children

If you have children, grandchildren or even younger siblings such as nephews or nieces, you may consider making small investments for them so that they are more financially prepared in the future for school or university fees, or even for buying their first home.

There are many ways in which you can invest on their behalf. In some cases, income arising which would have been taxable to you may also directly benefit you in the form of tax savings. Read more..

Did you know that you could trade through your pension fund?

Often we find that traders are not particularly interested in using pension schemes to invest for their retirement and many would rather remain as liquid as possible in order to fund either current trading activities or to cover any particular lean periods that they may have. Read more...